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About Us

Company History


MCM Entertainment, founded in 2009 by Bill McMenamin, has a rich history that traces back to 1986. It all started when Bill McMenamin secured a position as an emcee and house disc jockey at the esteemed Chateau Granieri Caterers in Lafayette Hill, PA.


Bill's undeniable talent and captivating presence brought the Chateau's dance floor to life for years. His exceptional skills garnered attention, leading to a flood of requests for him to host special events. Fuelled by his charismatic personality and boundless energy, Bill seized the opportunity and transformed these requests into a flourishing mobile entertainment business. Thus, MCM Entertainment was born, later rebranded as MCM Trivia Events in 2023.


A Talented Staff


Bill McMenamin may be the recognizable figurehead of

MCM Trivia Events, but he is always eager to acknowledge the

invaluable contributions of his team. This includes his gifted wife,

Jennifer, who expertly oversees all logistics.


The team also boasts skilled hosts and a proficient operations staff,

enabling the company to simultaneously manage multiple events.

These team members are dynamic individuals with the ability to

gauge the mood of a room and captivate the audience. The

majority have been loyal to the company for over half a decade.

Their dedication to crafting unforgettable events is just as intense

as Bill's, making them an integral part of MCM Trivia Events' 



Fundraising Events & More


MCM Entertainment is your go-to destination for hosting a diverse range of events, including fundraisers, social gatherings, corporate team-building activities, school assemblies, and weekly bar/pub events. We specialize in creating unique experiences through our in-person trivia events, virtual trivia quizzes, and regular bar and pub events that occur on a weekly or monthly basis.


With two decades of industry experience under our belt, we have had the privilege of emceeing an innumerable number of events. Our expertise lies in understanding what truly resonates with an audience. This is evident in the fact that our fundraisers consistently surpass the performance of others. We have meticulously crafted a formula that not only maximizes charitable contributions but also guarantees an enjoyable experience for your guests. Trust us to deliver an event that is both rewarding and memorable.


Diverse Group Experience

Our headquarters are nestled in the serene suburbs of Philadelphia, and our reach extends across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We cater to a wide range of crowd sizes, from intimate gatherings of 30 to grand events of over 1,000 attendees, typically spanning a duration of 3-4 hours.


Our portfolio is diverse, having collaborated with educational institutions, social clubs, religious establishments, healthcare facilities, sports teams, libraries, and non-profit organizations. We take pride in our corporate partnerships, which include esteemed companies such as TD Bank, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Keystone Technologies, and TRC Market Research, among others.


We have been instrumental in fundraising for numerous noble causes, including the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, The Giving Tree, Daily Break Food Pantry, and Fox Chase Cancer Center, to name a few. Our clients vouch for our ability to infuse an element of fun into fundraising, making us a preferred choice for many.


Every Task Expertly Handled

Planning a special event can be challenging, with numerous aspects demanding your attention. At MCM Trivia Events, we understand this and strive to make your experience hassle-free. When you hire us, we take care of all your trivia needs, allowing you to focus on other crucial details.


We come fully equipped with everything necessary to host a memorable trivia event, including music, audio equipment, scorers, trivia packets, and pens. Our entertainment services are customized to suit your guests, ensuring everyonee feels included and engaged. Count on us to kick-start the party and maintain its lively atmosphere throughout. With MCM Trivia Events, your trivia event is bound to be a resounding success!


Book Your Event


We understand that our annual functions are highly sought after by our clients, resulting in a quickly filling calendar. Therefore, we strongly recommend reserving your desired date as early as possible to secure your spot.


If you wish to get a glimpse of our exceptional events before making a reservation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will gladly provide you with information about our upcoming events, and we would be thrilled to have you take a peek.


Are you ready to book your event or do you have any further questions?


Feel free to reach out to us through any of the following channels:

  • Phone: Call us at (484) 999-0180

  • Email: Send us an email at

  • Web Form: You can also contact us by filling out the web form below.


We look forward to assisting you with your event!

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